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Frohes neues Jahr!

New Year’s Eve in Germany is called Silvester, as Dec 31 is the feast day of a pope by that name.  Why him and not Felis silvestris?  I’m not sure.  Possibly because the traditional German celebration includes setting off copious amounts of fireworks–they started in our neighborhood around 5 p.m. with the grand finale lasting… Continue reading Frohes neues Jahr!

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Freising Freitag: Zwei Märkte

Crappy cell phone pictures today, because I haven’t been carrying my big camera around much on routine missions. First up: There was a Weihnachtsmarkt in the Freising Marienplatz last weekend–mostly local handmade items and stalls supporting local organizations. Not very big or fancy, but neither is Freising 🙂 So Saturday evening after running errands we… Continue reading Freising Freitag: Zwei Märkte

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Freising Freitag: St. Korbinian

My apologies for delay between posts.  My parents were here for a visit, and I’m taking a German language course four hours a day (plus homework), and I’m slowly unpacking all my stuff. Today’s Freising photos are from November 20, the Feast of St. Korbinian (the German Lutheran church remembers him on his birthday, September… Continue reading Freising Freitag: St. Korbinian

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Freising Freitag: Bierbär

The symbol/mascot of Freising is a bear; some years before my first visit a number of bear statues were created and decorated to celebrate the 1250th anniversary of the town.  Many are still displayed near local businesses. This bear is at Hofbrauhaus Freising–no relation to the one in Munich that exports beer to the USA,… Continue reading Freising Freitag: Bierbär

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Freising Friday: St. Peter und Paul at Night

This is the parish church (not a cathedral, like the Dom) of St. Peter und Paul, about a kilometer down some hills from where I live in Area 51.  I’ve not been in the church yet as it has been undergoing some renovations on the inside.  The church dates from the mid-18th century, but the… Continue reading Freising Friday: St. Peter und Paul at Night

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Freising Freitag: Freisinger Dom

Earlier this week I was walking with Roland in the Hauptstraße (main street), looking for a particular architectural detail on a 19th-century building, when it hit me:  Freising Fridays.  I shall post a photo I have taken of Freising every Friday.  Perhaps something that doesn’t fit into a larger post, perhaps something strange I noticed… Continue reading Freising Freitag: Freisinger Dom