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Today I spent part of my afternoon at the library, writing thank-you notes to all the ladies who came to my bridal shower last Saturday (and some who could not attend but sent a card anyway!) in Iowa.  I’m sorry it took so long; I got home from Iowa on Monday and spent most of the week getting things ready to donate and quitting my job (more on that later).

The shower was very sweet–I wasn’t expecting anyone to do anything more than come to our party next month or send a card, but aunts, cousins, and family friends all came together to throw me a little party, with delicious homemade food including a frozen fruit cocktail I know has been served at family showers for at least thirty years.  My niece made a great PowerPoint presentation with pictures of Germany and Roland and me–and Grumpy Cat, and spinning hearts and all the fonts.  There were lots of stories of my great-grandparents and my grandmother.  Much fun was had.

Because trans-Atlantic shipping is expensive and the flat Roland has chosen for our new life together is small by American standards (perfectly fine by German standards, and we were lucky to find it), I was “showered” with recipes.  Quite a few are from the family, and from my great-grandmothers and I can’t wait to try them.  Others are more contemporary and use packaged ingredients, and I am excited about looking for those ingredients in Freising or devising an equivalent from what’s available.

Everyone was so generous, we are able to cover most of the price of a standard-sized refrigerator with a freezer with the monetary gifts received.  I will think about this as I defrost dinner.

I’m so touched by everyone’s generosity, even people I know I haven’t seen in years (I’ve been gone from Iowa a long time), and kind of amazed.

Thank you!

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  1. Jim

    First, from an AoS Moron, Congratulations, ma’am!

    Next, I just read that your “post paperwork” suaree will be in Broad Ripple. I don’t know if you ever read Tam, from View From the Porch blog?

    She has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Broad Ripple, as she lives there, and hits most of the eateries n’ such via her “Broad Ripple SUV”, …..a bicycle.

    But, she also drives a cool BMW Z-3….and she’s one of the leading lights of the GunBlogosphere…. she quite seriously puts ANY AoS Sunday Gun Thread author to shame…she’s forgotten more than most of us will ever know on the subject.

    May I politely suggest that you contact her on her blog, and arrange to meet if you’re so inclined? Your German Hubby can meet one of us awful, armed Americans, etc….. and she’ll ruin the stereotype, being tall, blonde, lithe, personable and frighteningly intelligent to boot.

    So again, Congrats! I hope you don’t mind me gently treading on your toes here, but I saw the Broad Ripple connection, and thought you might have a bit of fun with the juxtaposition.

    Best wishes!

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

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