Last Day at Work

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It may only have been two lines...and a lolcat.

It may only have been two lines…and a lolcat…

You know how when you’re at work on a gorgeous fall Sunday afternoon grinding away at a spreadsheet because it was due to the customer at close of business two days ago, and you start imagining all the freakin’ awesome things you’re going to do on the day you leave?

Leaving Fine Purveyor of Quality Power Solutions for Aerospace today was not nearly as fun as those imaginings, probably because everyone was really nice and claimed to be sorry to see me go.   So, nothing got shoved, set on fire, or chainsawed; desks were not toppled or danced upon; no one was mooned.  It was mostly bittersweet.  I am excited to be moving on to something new, but I’m sad this chapter in my life has ended.  And I hope some of them read this (I handed out cards to almost everyone) and keep in touch.

Back to sorting stuff to give away–there is less and less of it, but I think I still have more books and quilting supplies than I wish to ship.

4 thoughts on “Last Day at Work

  1. The Plaid Cow

    Life is always bittersweet, especially when you realize that all of that fun stuff happened right after you left. You should’ve been here.

  2. AlmostYuman

    Did you take your stapler with you? Seriously, I wish you well as you begin the next adventure in your life. Be as happy as you possibly can be.

  3. Amy Betzold

    I didn’t just claim to be sad. I don’t like you not sitting at your desk. And I miss you.

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