Packing Daze

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Well, he's not completely wrong...

Well, he’s not completely wrong…

After two intense mornings of paper and cardboard, all the things I am having shipped to Germany have been packed up and hauled off for the long journey across the Atlantic.  Feel free to place some bets in the comments as to what will break along the way 🙂  The guys who came to pack were nice enough and competent enough, and mildly fascinated by my fossils and homebrewing supplies, so that was fun.

I sold off and gave away a lot of art supplies over the summer, but do not worry: there are still plenty.  All the fabrics I have been dyeing and printing over the last 16 years made the cut, as did beads, threads, bobbleheads, and assorted cookie-baking tools.  Possibly some socks. We are hoping Customs does not notice the box of Cookies and Secret Stadium Sauce.  I am excited about my new life and the great food, but when you visit please bring condiments!

"What have you done with my stuff?!"

“What have you done with my stuff?!”

3 thoughts on “Packing Daze

  1. Kathy H

    So — no Pictures from Sept 14th? 🙁

    I was looking forward to seeing you two in the Chicken!

    1. Heather Post author

      I’ve just turned on the computer for the first time in ten days 🙂 I will get to pictures of the wedding and the limo eventually!

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