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Ausflug: Innsbruck mit Krampuslauf

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On St. Nicholas Day, we drove two hours south to Innsbruck, Austria, to visit some Christmas markets and meet Krampus.  Freising was enveloped in dense, freezing fog, but in the Alps the weather was quite lovely. After some Glühwein, we took the Hungerburgbahn partway up the mountain to the north… Read more »

Ausflug: Bier in Bayern

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And now some pictures from a recent Sunday trip to the 2016 Bayerische Landesausstellung, “Bier in Bayern” in Aldersbach. This was a fabulous exhibition put on by the Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte, a state historical agency that holds exhibitions around the state. The hosts for this exhibition were the former… Read more »

Freising Freitag: Cows

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Cows on a hill–next to a high-rise apartment building.  Photographed on the way to the Schafhof on a Sunday afternoon. (There was some video art I won’t write about because I didn’t really understand it.  But it was a lovely walk.)

Freising Freitag: Die Freisinger Bierkeller

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Die Freisinger Bierkeller–more pictures here. Couple weeks ago I took a city tour focused on the history of beer in Freising. Short summary: most of the buildings in the Hauptstrasse were used as breweries at some point in the last 800 years. The Domberg had a brewery that served the… Read more »

Brauerei zum Kuchlbauer

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Finally there’s some nice weather in Bavaria.  Sunday we took a drive down the Deutsche Hopfenstraße.  The hops harvest is generally completed; the wires are empty but the hops cones are on their way to bring joy to millions around the world.  Our goal was Abensberg, for a tour of… Read more »

Freising Freitag: Black Bears

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Freising has a hockey club, the Black Bears.  I don’t completely understand how the league works, but the teams play against clubs from other towns (State Center had a baseball team like this, decades ago…).   We didn’t really check them out until the end of the season; this photo was… Read more »