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Freising Freitag: Bierbär

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The symbol/mascot of Freising is a bear; some years before my first visit a number of bear statues were created and decorated to celebrate the 1250th anniversary of the town.  Many are still displayed near local businesses. This bear is at Hofbrauhaus Freising–no relation to the one in Munich that… Read more »

Herbst und Halloween-Menü

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Autumn is progressing nicely…the oranges of Oktober are fading into the browns of November.  I’m crunching through a lot of leaves while I walk, and the sun is at an interesting angle. There were some carved pumpkins and some yard decorations sprinkled around the neighborhood, but not very many, and… Read more »

Got an Instagram…

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Mmmmm…donuts. A photo posted by Radish (@danceswithbratwurst) on Oct 13, 2015 at 7:18am PDT Roland got me a fancy new phone so I can annoy him at work when I’m lost or eating cake.  It’s also good for grabbing a picture when I forgot to put a data card in… Read more »

Packing Daze

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After two intense mornings of paper and cardboard, all the things I am having shipped to Germany have been packed up and hauled off for the long journey across the Atlantic.  Feel free to place some bets in the comments as to what will break along the way 🙂  The… Read more »