Ausflug: Mercedes-Benz Museum

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Yesterday we took a nice drive (the speed limit for the winter tires was reached) over to Stuttgart to see the Mercedes-Benz Museum. I myself am less interested in looking at cars than Roland is 🙂 but I enjoy museums in general. The museum is very well-designed, relating the history of the corporation and its products to the history of transportation, of Europe, of marketing, of changing social conditions, even of US transportation safety laws. The artifacts on display, probably a tiny subset of the corporate collection, are an interesting mix of vehicles, parts, photos, ledgers, letters, trophies, scrapbooks, clothing, tools, and other objects with stories.

A serious gearhead might wish to see more cars, but the selection is wide and the building gives you plenty of space to gaze at the vehicles from multiple angles.

You can take a virtual tour (in British) and see professional photos on their website. You can also enjoy:

Unprofessional Photos

A selection of shiny or abstract things.

Wooden tire spokes.
The wood-and-brass era is my favorite era.
Spare Tire
In the 1930s the spare tire was part of the exterior design.
Museum visitors reflected in 1950s sports car.
Museum visitors reflected in 1950s sports car.
A wall of words in German and English.
For the language learners: Turn one word into four or vice-versa!

Painting of a man.
Argentinian bus, 1960s.
Tire chains
Winter fun!

So many shiny things!