Freising Foto Freitag: April Snow

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The week after Easter we woke up to snow three days in a row. I like it, but I’m probably the only person in town who does. 🙂 Wednesday morning I took my camera with me while I ran some errands.

April 2021

The fountains around town are all covered and drained during the winter, so seeing them bubble in the snow is a rare sight. Metzgerlehrbua–a young boy working at a butcher to learn the trade–stands by a parking garage on a corner where a slaughterhouse was located in the days before cars. (He was vandalized a couple of years ago, and restored in 2020. He looks good.)

April 2021

Is this a new species of snake?

April 2021

I can’t repeat what he’s saying on a family blog.

April 2021

Crazy, isn’t it?

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