Freising Foto Freitag: Kita Bird

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Neustift, Freising
February 2021

Kita is short for Kindertagesstätte, which you can think of as “educational daycare” for children 6 mos through 6 years. (Of course it’s complex and scientific, but as I’ve never needed to go inside, that’s about all I know about it.)

The Kita in my neighborhood had the kids stencil animals onto a retaining wall a couple of years ago. It’s the only flat surface around here that hasn’t been vandalized by [teens] during the Eternal Lockdown. This bird speaks to me. I’m not sure what kind of bird he is, but it doesn’t matter. He’s going places, and he doesn’t care what you think. Or maybe he’s just running away from over-enthusiastic toddlers. 🙂