Lockdown Adventure! Römischer Meilenstein

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More exploring in Landkreis Freising!

Let’s go!
March 2021

The ancient Romans built a road through here–about twenty minutes west from Freising–in the first century after Christ*, between their territorial capital in Augsburg and the river Isar. The road is long gone.

The river Moosach,west of Freising.
March 2021

But south of Fürholzen, along the Moosach, a marker has been placed to commemorate this road.

Roman road Denkmal
March 2021

The road itself was “about 30 meters west from the marker”. It’s said that traces of the road can be seen from the air; have a look at the satellite view. There might be something left of the dot…

March 2021

Fascinatingly, this ancient Roman transportation point is not far from the intersection of two modern Autobahns, the A9 and the A92 (Kreuz Neufahrn). People and goods moving through the same location, for two thousand years. Mind-blowing. (If you want to go to Italy, you need to transfer to the A93 east of Munich.)

Nerd alert: I was excited to see the name of Emperor Septimius Severus on the marker, because I had recently heard about him in a podcast about the Romans in Britain.

Cyclist, monument, farm path, tree.
March 2021

* Exact translation; historical time is still written that way in Bavaria.