Lockdown Adventure! Kranzberger See

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The Second Lockdown has entered its fourth month. The garden and DIY centers were allowed to open this week, but all hospitality and culture remain closed by law. But nature is still open! Roland is using up some vacation days this week and on Monday we did a little bit of exploring in Landkreis Freising.

Kranzberger See
March 2021

Our first stop was the Kranzberger See (Kranzberg Lake), about twenty minutes west of Freising. It’s a flat, round lake with a large new playground, swimming areas, a field for sunbathing, a beach volleyball pit, an ice cream café, and a Biergarten.

Kranzberger See, March 2021

Even on a Monday afternoon there were several families out enjoying the park; when school lets out in August it must be packed full.

Kranzberger See, March 2021

We had a nice walk around the lake, enjoying the afternoon sun and the ducks.

Kranzberger See, March 2021

It was nice to get out of the city limits for awhile, even if we had to pack our own beverages.

Sit a spell and watch the ducks.
Kranzberger See, March 2021