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Freising Freitag: Freisinger Dom

Earlier this week I was walking with Roland in the Hauptstraße (main street), looking for a particular architectural detail on a 19th-century building, when it hit me:  Freising Fridays.  I shall post a photo I have taken of Freising every Friday.  Perhaps something that doesn’t fit into a larger post, perhaps something strange I noticed during the week.    It will give me more incentive to look around, ensure at least one new post a week (sorry…), and it’s all alliterative so maybe I can start a new hashtag and get all internet-famous.

We will start this week with something simple and easy to explain:  The Freisinger Dom (cathedral).  I will write more about this amazing place later (or ask my niece for some facts 🙂 ), but for today please enjoy the clock tower on a clear October morning (not today–very rainy today!).

October 2, 2015.
October 2, 2015.

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