Freising Freitag: St. Korbinian

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My apologies for delay between posts.  My parents were here for a visit, and I’m taking a German language course four hours a day (plus homework), and I’m slowly unpacking all my stuff.

Today’s Freising photos are from November 20, the Feast of St. Korbinian (the German Lutheran church remembers him on his birthday, September 8, as a “teacher of the church” but the American Lutheran synods do not), the missionary-bishop who resided in Freising in the 8th century. On this day, his relics are taken out of the crypt and commemorated in an evening service.  Traditionally there is a procession up the hill to the cathedral, but this year there was a torrential rain pretty much all day so the reliquary was left in the sanctuary.  I visited in the afternoon.

Korbinian Reliquary

The original painting behind the altar was by Rubens; it’s currently in an art museum in Munich and this is a copy.

In the crypt, Korbinian’s gisant was laid out on the shrine where the reliquary usually resides.

Korbinian Gisant

I’m not sure how old the statue is; the tapestry in the background is from the 19th century.  The photo is mostly lit by the offering candles placed in front of the shrine.