Images from St. Georg Friedhof

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On a walk last week I popped into a local cemetery to look at the flowers–Freisingers take maintaining and decorating their family gravesites very seriously–and noticed the three main components of Easter in the Church were represented in the grave markers.

Last Supper

First I found the Last Supper. Under the family data (names, dates) was inscribed an invitation to join Christ.


Depictions of the Crucifixion are ubiquitous throughout Bayern–not just in churches and cemeteries–but the caption on this one caught my attention.


“Es ist vollbracht”–It is finished.


And His body is removed and taken to the tomb. Note the Freisinger Dom on the left side of the image.


But when you go to His tomb on Sunday, he is not there. “Er ist auferstanden”–He is risen.