A Tale of Two Beer Lists

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We’ve just returned from two weeks enjoying Norway. It will take months to sort through and edit approximately eight thousand photos (not including the Bad Cellphone Photos™…).

One fun thing about living in Freising is that we can find beer brewed two miles from our home just about everywhere…here is a beer list from a café in Oslo. With the prices, so you can compare the various imports and Coca-Cola.

Prices in Norwegian Kroner

Last weekend was also the annual Weihenstephaner Bergfest, where the brewery invites people to enjoy their product on site at a reduced rate, along with music, food, and most importantly a bounce house (Hupfberg) for the kids.

Cheapest beer in Freising, one day only!

It’s a seriously reduced rate; the same beer will be approximately 7,80€ for 1L next month at the Volksfest.