Freising Freitag: Zwei Märkte

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Crappy cell phone pictures today, because I haven’t been carrying my big camera around much on routine missions.

First up: There was a Weihnachtsmarkt in the Freising Marienplatz last weekend–mostly local handmade items and stalls supporting local organizations. Not very big or fancy, but neither is Freising 🙂 So Saturday evening after running errands we enjoyed some raclette and bought some artisan liqueurs.

The "Weihnachtslikör" did indeed taste like Weihnachten.

The “Weihnachtslikör” did indeed taste like Weihnachten.

A little bit hard to see, but three brass players are in the second floor of the Bürgerbüro (city offices) with the windows open, so the music floated over the crowd.

Bürgerbüro with Brass

Very clever, musicians.

Today while I was waiting in the line to buy Schnitzel from the meat ladies at the weekly market in Neustift, I snapped this scene.  The young boy–freshly out of school for the day and probably for the season–was extremely excited to be picking out a tree and the guy selling them looked to be having a fun time playing along.  It’s amazing how much you can understand without actually understanding all the words.

Almost Christmas!

Almost Christmas!

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