Foodblogging: Caprese Salad

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After several enjoyable weeks of cool weather with sufficient rain, in which we did nothing remarkable, it is Hochsummer. Iowa temperatures, with additional hours of sunlight, and no air-conditioning. If anybody needs me, I’ll be flopped in front of an oscillating fan in a darkened room, sipping tap water with a twist of lime until the next cold front brings us thunderstorms and reasonableness…

But first, let me brag about my summer harvest. I grow a tomato plant on our balcony every year. Local professionals sell very tasty normal tomatoes for reasonable rates at the weekly market, so I grow something a little abnormal. This year I chose a Johannisbeertomate, cultivated from a wild tomato of Peru. The label promised “kleinste Tomaten der Welt“–the smallest tomatoes in the world.

They weren’t kidding!

16 very small tomatoes weighing a total of 6g
Today’s harvest: 16 glorious tomatoes!
Close-up image of two very tiny tomatoes.
So cute!

Anyway, what is one to do with a massive fresh tomato harvest when it’s too hot to make bacon or even toast? Very simple: Insalata Caprese.

Place a suitably-sized mozzarella ball into a dish, add the tomatoes, drizzle some nice olive oil, and garnish with some cracked pepper and a few basil leaves. Don’t forget a sprinkle of salt to keep your electrolytes balanced in the heat.

A caprese salat made with a very large mozzarella ball.
Summer breakfast of champions!