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Ausflug: Bier in Bayern

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And now some pictures from a recent Sunday trip to the 2016 Bayerische Landesausstellung, “Bier in Bayern” in Aldersbach. This was a fabulous exhibition put on by the Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte, a state historical agency that holds exhibitions around the state. The hosts for this exhibition were the former… Read more »

Freising Freitag: Cows

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Cows on a hill–next to a high-rise apartment building.  Photographed on the way to the Schafhof on a Sunday afternoon. (There was some video art I won’t write about because I didn’t really understand it.  But it was a lovely walk.)

Freising Freitag: Die Freisinger Bierkeller

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Die Freisinger Bierkeller–more pictures here. Couple weeks ago I took a city tour focused on the history of beer in Freising. Short summary: most of the buildings in the Hauptstrasse were used as breweries at some point in the last 800 years. The Domberg had a brewery that served the… Read more »

Brauerei zum Kuchlbauer

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Finally there’s some nice weather in Bavaria.  Sunday we took a drive down the Deutsche Hopfenstraße.  The hops harvest is generally completed; the wires are empty but the hops cones are on their way to bring joy to millions around the world.  Our goal was Abensberg, for a tour of… Read more »

Freising Freitag: Black Bears

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Freising has a hockey club, the Black Bears.  I don’t completely understand how the league works, but the teams play against clubs from other towns (State Center had a baseball team like this, decades ago…).   We didn’t really check them out until the end of the season; this photo was… Read more »