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Freising Foto Freitag

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(The original FFF!) It’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas in the Innenstadt, despite the lockdown and the eternal construction–the Christmas stars have been installed!

Freising Freitag: Cats of Volksfest

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The 88th annual Freisinger Volksfest is underway.  Thursday I went just after lunch and took a couple hundred photos. Here is my themed sampler. General disclaimer: I think some of these characters may be unlicensed.  I’m also fascinated by the light bulbs–older rides and games use regular light bulbs and… Read more »

Images from St. Georg Friedhof

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On a walk last week I popped into a local cemetery to look at the flowers–Freisingers take maintaining and decorating their family gravesites very seriously–and noticed the three main components of Easter in the Church were represented in the grave markers. Indeed.