Lockdown Slow Food: Krustenbraten mit Serviettenknödel und Biersoße

Somehow I managed to live here for five years without purchasing any Kümmel (caraway). It’s used in a lot of traditional Bavarian foods, but in normal times I didn’t try to make any of these at home. For example, Krustenbraten, a roasted pork dish characterized by a crispy rind that… Read more »

Lockdown Adventure! Römischer Meilenstein

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More exploring in Landkreis Freising! The ancient Romans built a road through here–about twenty minutes west from Freising–in the first century after Christ*, between their territorial capital in Augsburg and the river Isar. The road is long gone. But south of Fürholzen, along the Moosach, a marker has been placed… Read more »