Freising Freitag: Black Bears

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Freising has a hockey club, the Black Bears.  I don’t completely understand how the league works, but the teams play against clubs from other towns (State Center had a baseball team like this, decades ago…).   We didn’t really check them out until the end of the season; this photo was… Read more »

Frohes neues Jahr!

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New Year’s Eve in Germany is called Silvester, as Dec 31 is the feast day of a pope by that name.  Why him and not Felis silvestris?  I’m not sure.  Possibly because the traditional German celebration includes setting off copious amounts of fireworks–they started in our neighborhood around 5 p.m…. Read more »

Fröhliche Weihnachten!

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Happy Second Christmas Day! Shops and offices are closed on December 26, so a short post before we drive somewhere for a nice walk (today is sunny with a high of 53°F) and more Christmas later. I’m told it is not unusual for there to be no snow at Christmastime… Read more »